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G.R.I. B25036 Colors Aluminum, Overhead Door/Wall Mount/3 Armored Cable/Closed Loop/Biased For High Security
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Item #: GRI-B25036
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Item Description
Biased for high security" begins as a single pole double throw reed switch that is biased into an opposite condition. We begin with one open leg and one closed leg, but in the biasing operation we reverse the open to closed and the closed to open using just enough magnetic field strength to hold them in the opposite positions.

  • 12" Leads #22AWG
  • Jacketed Cable Upon Request
  • Longer Leads, Zip Cord or Jacketed Cable Upon Request
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Built-in E.O.L. Resistors and Diodes Upon Request
  • Supervisory Loops Upon Request
  • Colors: White, Brown or Gray

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