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Hid 6188BKT000000 Reader, Rklb57, Iclass, Black, Term, Clock-and-Data, 32
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Item #: HIC-6188BKT000000
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Item Description
Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, the bioCLASS™ RKLB57 and RWKLB575 family of readers provides users with new options for supporting multi-factor authentication of identity. Combining contactless card presentation with a fingerprint biometric, the bioCLASS reader can also be used with personal identification numbers (PIN). Featuring multi-factor authentication, HID’s bioCLASS readers offer the highest level of security. Storing the fingerprint template only on the smart card, users benefit from the increased security, faster throughput, easier system management, lower costs for the biometric reader and reduced concerns over individual privacy. Choose from three levels of security, including card/biometric fingerprint, card/PIN and card/fingerprint/PIN.* The bioCLASS RKLB57 is a read-only, contactless smart card reader with a keypad and biometric sensor that provides access control verification and fingerprint enrollment all in one reader.

  • 13.56MHz Back Box Proximity reader with LCD/Keypad and biometric fingerprint authentication
  • Model Number: 6188BxT (Clock-and-Data)
  • Black
  • Terminal Strip
  • Configuration: Beep on, LED normally red, reader flashes green on tag read
  • iCLASS Security Options: Standard (Reads all iCLASS cards with unique keys diversified from HID master key)
  • MIFARE CSN Wiegand Output Mode: CSN option not available
  • Keypad Configuration Setting Options: Buffer one key, no parity, 4 bit message
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