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Seco Larm SL-126Q-C Informative Strobe Light, Clear, 6-12VDC
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Item #: SEL-SL126QC
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Item Description
The SECO-LARM SL-126Q-C is a standard 6-12VDC clear strobe light designed to support numerous indoor and outdoor security, alarm, or general signaling applications. The SL-126Q/C allows for a simple 2 wire installation and features a long operating lifespan of over 300 continuous hours (2,000,000 flashes). The SL-126Q/C is the ideal add-on component to any security system! We recommend using a standard 18/2 multi-conductor cable to attach it to any external control system. Installing a strobe light can be the perfect solution to increase security measures at your home or business! Strobe lights are very effective in scaring away potential criminals, visually alerting people to a problem, or even assisting police in finding your home or business.

  • SL-126Q/C Clear Strobe Light
  • Power Requirement: 6-12VDC
  • For "informative" general signaling requirements
  • Incorrect polarity cannot damage circuit or draw current
  • Easy 2-wire installation
  • Low current consumption
  • Long operating lifespan of over 300 continuous hours - (2,000,000 flashes)
  • Lens is made of high-impact resistant acrylic, case of high-impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Features protective inner cover - protects the high-voltage zenon tube when lens removed
  • Use in temperature ranging from -22ºF (-30ºC) to 140ºF (60ºC)
  • Current Drain: 200mA±20%@12VDC
  • Flash Rate: Over 90/min@12VDC

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