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American Dynamics ADD80ALTPV025 Intellex LT 8-Channel 250GB V5.0 Desktop
American Dynamics ADD80ALTPV025 Intellex LT 8-Channel 250GB V5.0 Desktop

American Dynamics ADD80ALTPV025 Intellex LT 8-Channel 250GB V5.0 Desktop


Sensormatic Electronics (Ad Usa)
The American Dynamics ADD8OALTPV025 Intellex LT 8-CH Desktop 250 GB Digital Video Recorder delivers the key Intellex features in an economical package, providing the best solution for small retail stores, health care facilities and small offices. It can store more than 900 hours of video and supports as many as five simultaneous Network Client users. The DVR can simultaneously record and play back video, text, and audio while using sophisticated search functions to define and find only those important events meeting your criteria. The patented Active Content Compression (ACC) technology lets you easily play back video frame by frame, forward or reverse. For added flexibility and control, install Network Client on a Windows-based PC with a network connection and you’ll have control of every Intellex on your system, no matter how distributed or decentralized the operation. The Intellex user interface is easy to use, no matter what your skill level is. Access all operations using one click buttons, pull-down menus, adjustable sliders and tabbed screens. The GUI is designed to be used with 4:3 aspect ratio monitors as well as with widescreen monitors. The DVR system gives you an accurate representation of specific transactions by recording RS-232 text data streams from devices like cash registers and ATMs. It displays this information side by side with time-synchronized video in addition to the related audio. Efficiently search the transaction database or schedule recording by specifying the exact text or transaction criteria. Using the IntelleCord conserves space on your hard drive by recording only events that trigger an alarm at times that matter. You can set triggers for alarms generated electronically within Intellex based on: 1) any motion, 2) crossing a perimeter, 3) changes in light, and 4) specific motion exceptions. You can also set triggers for any external wired alarm that provides a contact closure. Additionally, you can configure settings to automatically re-position cameras in response to an alarm IntelleCord enables you to customize the settings for each camera on your system and thereby optimize security and record duration. Intellex retains up to five minutes of pre-alarm video when you set IntelleCord to record on alarm only. Unlimited pre-alarm video is available when you set Intellex to record continuously, the first 15 minutes of which can be conveniently retrieved via a pre-alarm video index. Use Smart Search to filter through hours of video to find clips fast. With the click of a mouse, you’ll be able to view every instance when someone crossed a perimeter, turned lights on and off, or moved or drove a vehicle in the wrong direction at an inappropriate speed, and more. For motion exception, simply specify the type of motion that you are looking for— speed, direction, size of the moving object and Intellex will find it for you. The integrated CD-RW allows you to save video to a standard recordable CD. This is ideal when you need to provide the authorities, vendors or other non-security personnel with video, audio, and text data of incidents to view on their own PC9. The Intellex Player software may be added to the CD or DVD as well so no additional software needs to be purchased to view the video. Network Client provides the ability to concatenate exported video clips and play a series of related clips, creating an “incident storyboard” that can be used for video evidence or auditing. Play Back Video from any External Source on any Intellex View video from any external source you choose – CD, DVD, network drive, or a flash drive directly from Intellex. Simply click on the “External” button, select the appropriate drive, and view stored video.

  • Multiplex, detect alarms and events, record video, audio and text, and much more
  • Set dome presets, patterns, and configurations right from the Intellex GUI
  • Search for specific clips using video analysis tools and advanced text
  • React faster to potential emergencies with immediate email notification of system events and alarms
  • Customize camera views for flexible monitoring
  • Respond to events with alarm triggered dome positioning
  • Easily export video, audio, and text to CD-RW/DVD-RW with one click of the mouse
  • Store over 9 times more video than MPEG-4 and MJPEG-based systems using patented American Dynamics Active Content Compression (ACC) technology
  • Connect up to three External Storage Modules (ESM) to expand the local storage capacity
  • Use 3rd party applications such as access control from Software House and Kantech as well as video forensics, virtual matrix, remote monitoring and more-integrated with Intellex via the powerful application programming interface (API)
  • Control domes from Intellex and Network Client
  • Single channel of live and recorded audio
  • Single channel of RS-232 text recording (expandable to 8 with additional hardware)
  • Third monitor output (analog call / spot monitor)

  • Manufacturer Sensormatic Electronics Corp (Ad Usa)
  • Condition New
  • Drive Type Internal SATA
  • Export DVD-RW
  • Video Standard NTSC/PAL
  • Video Inputs 4 & 8 (non-looping) or 16 (looping)
  • Monitor Output SVGA, DVI
  • Analog Output Call/Spot, Live/Playback
  • Loop Outputs Standard on 16-channel system
  • Alarm Input / Output 4, 8, 16
  • Audio Channel Single Channel Included
  • Network 1x gigabit
  • USB front/back: 2/6
  • Serial Port RS-232: 1x DB 9
  • Indicators visual: Power, alarm, record
  • Mouse PC mouse included as standard
  • Printers Supported PC printer compatibility
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.77 x 17 x 18.26" (172 x 432 x 464 mm)
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