Cameras, cameras, cameras!

Posted by Scott Selby on 8/29/2011 to News
In reality, any camera is a good camera. Even if the thing don't work, the camera is a deterrent for criminals. They dont know if they are being taped or not.  So whether you spend thousands of dollars on a system or just one hundred, you will have more security than you had without.

You should ask yourself a few key questions in buying a system:

  • Do you want cameras installed outside, inside or both?
  • Do you have specific areas or rooms you would like to focus on?
  • Do you want a record of camera data?
  • What is your budget for this project?
  • Can you install yourself or will you need a contractor?
  • Will this be connected to an outside source for protection?

Here is a good video on the tools you will need for setting up your cameras.

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