Inovonics EN5040 High Power Repeater
Inovonics EN5040 High Power Repeater

Inovonics EN5040 High Power Repeater

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Inovonics High Power Repeater
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The Inovonics high power repeater intelligently amplifies transmission from any EchoStream series transmitter while ignoring background noise. The repeater is perfect for large facilities such as multi-floor buildings, multi-building sites, shopping malls, campuses and other open-air installations. Virtually any number of repeaters can be added to a system, scaling the system size as needed. This sophisticated line- powered 900MHz repeater receiver, decodes, and re-transmits signals from Inovonics EchoStream® transmitters. The EN5040 acts as a range expander for and Inovonics EchoStream transmission that it hears, allowing the Inovonics installation to scale from smaller commercial sites to large campuses with several buildings. It includes an on-board, state of the art, lithium-ion battery. For applications that require protection from the environmental elements, the EN5040 may be placed in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure (ACC640).

  • Easy to install. Just mount and plug in. No wires or programming required, though registration is required for a fully super vised system
  • Reliable. Supervises for low battery, loss of line power, case tamper, back tamper, and jam detection (interference on all channels is greater than 30 seconds ).
  • Also includes an on-board lithium-ion battery, which:
  • Provides backup with no additional expense
  • Offers up to 24 hours of continuous operation when line power is not available (Varies on repeater usage)
  • Reports loss of power when programmed/supervised to application
  • Expandable. Several layers of repeaters can be employed to provide coverage of large facilities, multistory buildings, or sites with multiple buildings.
  • Efficient. Incorporates sophisticated signal management, preventing ping-pong messages and maximizing reliability.

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