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Nitek TR560X8 8 Channel Vid Link Rec Car
Nitek TR560X8 8 Channel Vid Link Rec Car

Nitek TR560X8 8 Channel Vid Link Rec Car


Nitek 8Ch Vid Link Rec Card

The TR560x8 is designed for use with the modular rack system. The system holds modular cards in any combination, using the VH3200 card cage (not included). This modular plug-in feature allows the system to be custom configured for each application and provides easy expandability. The TR560x8 is designed for operation over Category 2 or better twisted pair cable. The system works equally well over existing communication and computer network spare pairs or new cable installations. A highly balanced transmitter output design assures that the system will not interfere with other equipment on the network. Advanced receiver electronics provide complete immunity from ground loop, hum and noise to produce maximum video quality with minimum loss. A DIP switch on the receiver unit provides incremental adjustment of gain and frequency compensation to allow the system to be fine-tuned for an existing cable. This unique feature provides adjustment for optimum performance over the entire operating range and also allows cable length to be estimated with a wide safety margin. The TR560x8 includes only the receiver card.

  • Active electronics compensate for frequency and level loss
  • Built-in protection from power surge, transients, static or other electrical interference
  • High resolution color or monochrome video
  • Complete immunity to ground loop; video and AC can be run in a common raceway, where code allows
  • Video detect LEDs for each receiver

  • Manufacturer Nitek
  • Condition New
  • Size 1 card slot
  • Power Requirements Card powered by modular rack
  • Input (8) Balenced low voltage current loop
  • Output (8) 1vpp composite video
  • monochrome or color
  • Common Mode
  • Rejection >70dB
  • Transient Immunity Built-in
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