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Pelco AUD-1 USB Audito Accessory for IP Cameras
Pelco AUD-1 USB Audito Accessory for IP Cameras

Pelco AUD-1 USB Audito Accessory for IP Cameras


The AUD-1 is a USB audio accessory from Pelco for IP cameras, and is an external adapter to be used for providing a 12V DC power supply required by some microphones while being compatible with security camera models from Pelco that don’t have an audio built into the system. The AUD-1 audio accessory encodes the audio into a G.711 format, and comes with G711 compression, echo cancellations, an easy setup, plus bidirectional full-duplex audio, and accessory port connection. This USB audio accessory is manufactured from quality materials and can also convert digital audio to analog signal for playing through a speaker.

  • G.711 Compression
  • Bidirectional Full-Duplex Audio
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Connects Directly to the Accessory Port
  • Easy Setup
  • Compact Size

  • Manufacturer Pelco
  • Condition New
  • Streaming Bidirectional: full or half duplex
  • Input/Output Terminal block, analog for microphone and speaker; 600-ohm differential;
  • Compression G.711
  • Sampling Rate 8 kHz
  • Bit Rate 64 kbps (8 kHz)
  • Power Input 5 VDC powered from USB
  • Audio Input (microphone)
  • UTP 600 ohm mono, 4X terminal block , 12 VDC power source
  • Audio Output (speaker) UTP 600 ohm mono, 2X terminal block
  • Connector USB 2.0 ‘A’ male
  • Operating Temperature 0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
  • Storage Temperature –20° to 60°C (–4° to 140°F)
  • Dimension 62.2 x 29.2 x 16.0 mm
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