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Raytec RM300-PLT-AI-50 Raymax 300 30-90°
Raytec RM300-PLT-AI-50 Raymax 300 30-90°

Raytec RM300-PLT-AI-50 Raymax 300 30-90°


Raytec Systems Inc. Raymax 300 50-180° Platinum Adaptive Ill

Raytec Systems
The RM300-PLT-AI-50 from Raytec is a RAYMAX 300 30 to 90 degree illuminator which can be used for wide range and long distance illumination with its many features. The RM300-PLT-AI-50 consists of a 1,000m extra long distance range, zero light pollution, Ultimate Adaptive Illumination™, platinum LED technology, a controllable power supply, as well as a 10 year life span and 5 to 180+ degree angles for optimal angle coverage. The RM300-PLT-AI-50 also features LED active life control, even output illumination, semi covert 850nm options, plus vandal resistant properties for long term use in high risk areas. The RM300-PLT-AI-50 is an affordable illuminator which is easy to use and install for most applications which can save time and money for the user.

  • Distances up to 1,000m (3,280ft)
  • Platinum Led technology
  • Ultra High power - low running costs
  • Ultimate Adaptive Illumination™
  • Various Angles (5°-180°+)
  • Fully Controllable Power Supply
  • 10 year life
  • Active LED life control
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Zero Light Pollution
  • Even Output Illumination
  • Semi-Covert (850nm)

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