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Sure Action Incorporated ENHP12 Package of 12 Enhanced Pulsor

Sure Action Incorporated ENHP12 Package of 12 Enhanced Pulsor


Sure Actionorporated
Sure Action's Pulsors are a one-of-a-kind sensor manufactured only by Sure Action. These sensors are epoxied to the bottom of a floor joist, ladder or boat decking. When an individual steps on the material, the sensor detects the movement of the joist or decking and triggers the alarm. Pulsors are invisible, extremely reliable, long-lasting and pet immune. They can be used for protecting a large 7' x 4' oval of detection or can be adjusted to protect a smaller location. Ideal for security coverage or home automation. These sensors are often used in high-end homes, on boats or all sizes, on commercial roofs and as a means to trigger lighting or video cameras. Austin Stack, co-owner of Sure Action, installed over 6,000 Pulsors while he owned his own security company in the 1970s and 1980s. There are homes on the eastern end of Long Island that had Pulsor systems installed in them over 25 years ago and the original sensors are still working. Installed according to Sure Action's directions, the Pulsors are virtually false-alarm free and require little to no maintenance.

  • Invisible - Pulsors are mounted under flooring. No unsightly boxes to detract from a room's decor
  • Convenient - System will work even if you forget to close a door or window. You can also let your pets roam freely throughout the house
  • Reliable - When a Pulsor system is installed according to our directions, it is virtually trouble-free. It does not false nor does it require much maintenance
  • Versatile - Pulsors work on a variety of applications - homes, offices, decks, docks, fire escapes, water towers, billboards, boats, RVs, roofs, under window sills or counters. They can be used for large area coverage or for spot detection

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