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System Sensor SW-CLR-ALERT SpectrAlert Advance White Strobe

System Sensor SW-CLR-ALERT SpectrAlert Advance White Strobe


System Sensor
SpectrAlert Advance, the broadest and most versatile line of notification devices available, includes a wide range of devices to meet emergency communications application requirements. ALERT-printed on white housings, SW-ALERT, SWH-ALERT, and SPSW-ALERT amber lens strobes and speaker strobes provide visual signaling for emergency communications in compliance with ANSI/ UL 1638 — Standard for General Signaling Visible Appliances. Other ALERT-printed models provide clear lenses for use with color lens strobe attachments (amber, blue, green, and red) that easily attach to strobe and speaker strobe devices without a candela derating. In addition, SpectrAlert Advance emergency communications devices include plain (non-printed) strobes, horn strobes, and speaker strobes. These devices, along with ALERT-printed devices and SpectrAlert Advance accessories, can meet a wide range of requirements for indoor and outdoor applications, including emergency communications, general signaling, severe weather, and emergency response. All SpectrAlert Advance emergency communications and general signaling devices are compatible with the entire SpectrAlert Advance line and include all the same time- and money-saving innovations. For example, plug-in designs simplify installation and reduce costly ground faults; universal mounting plates with onboard shorting springs test wiring continuity to speed installation and protect devices from damage; and field-selectable settings provide versatility and enable installers to quickly set each device to meet application requirements.

  • Plug-in design for simplified installation and troubleshooting
  • Mounting plate shorting spring easily tests wiring continuity
  • Automatic selection of 12- or 24-volt operation at 15 and 15/75 candela
  • Field-selectable candela settings of 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110, 115, 135, 150, 177, 185 (please refer to Equivalent Candela Rating for UL 1971 Table)
  • Rated from 32°F to 120°F (indoor devices); ?40°F to 151°F (NEMA 4X, IP56 weatherproof devices)
  • Optional tamper-resistant Torx head screw
  • Compatible with System Sensor synchronization protocol
  • Listed for ceiling or wall mounting

  • Manufacturer System Sensor
  • Condition New
  • Standard Operating Temperature 32°F to 120°F
  • K Series Operating Temperature ?40°F to 151°F
  • Humidity Range 10 to 93% non-condensing (indoor models)
  • Dimensions Wall-Mount Strobe and Horn Strobe (including lens) 5.6? L x 4.7? W x 2.5? D
  • SPS Speaker Strobe 6.0? L x 5.0? W x 4.7? D (including lens and speaker)
  • Dimensions Ceiling-Mount Strobe (including lens) 6.8? diameter x 2.5? D
  • Nominal Voltage (strobes and horn strobes) Regulated 12 DC/FWR or regulated 24 DC/FWR
  • Nominal Voltage (speakers) 25 V or 70.7 V (nominal)
  • Maximum Supervisory Voltage (speakers) 50 VDC
  • Operating Voltage Range 8 to 17.5 V (12 V nominal) or 17 to 33 V (24 V nominal)
  • Strobe Flash Rate 1 flash per second
  • Speaker Frequency Range 400 to 4,000 Hz
  • Speaker Power ¼, ½, 1, 2 watts
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